Uniswap Labs Acquires 'Crypto: The Game' Project

The Survivor-inspired crypto title gets acquired ahead of Season 3.
David C David C Jun 10, 20241 min read
Uniswap Labs Acquires 'Crypto: The Game' Project

Uniswap Labs announced their acquisition of Crypto: The Game, the popular, Survivor-inspired reality game built around on-chain activities.

What's the scoop?

  • The Game: Crypto: The Game is an on-chain survival game that gained significant attention during its first season. Players competed in challenges for $115K worth of ETH. Like "Survivor," players were divided into tribes, and challenges determined who got voted off.
  • Season Highlights: The second season saw 800 players spend over 4K hours on the game’s website, ending with a $210K prize pool. The winners donated the prize to the Tornado Cash Legal Defense Fund.
  • Uniswap Involvement: After sponsoring a challenge in the second season, Uniswap grew interested in the game,  believing it has cracked the code for bringing people onchain.
  • Future Plans: While the date for the new season isn't set, all game elements that the community loves will remain. The team will leverage Uniswap Labs' expertise to introduce new games, twists, and drama.

Bankless Take:

While crypto consumer plays have been challenging to get off the ground — just look at SocialFi — Crypto: The Game repeatedly saw strong turnout and traction during its first two seasons so it makes sense that they have had an acquisition interest. Still, it proves quite interesting that this comes from a DeFi protocol. While Uniswap Labs has been making moves to expand its application offerings via its wallet and extension, the jump to acquiring Crypto: The Game proves quite notable. But, going forward, Uniswap’s provisions, like their wallet and browser extension, could enhance the game's experience while increasing its reach. Maybe DeFi will play a larger part in the next season as well.

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