5 Degen-Only Sei Ecosystem Opps

Five ways to further tap into your SEI bullishness.
David C David C Feb 2, 20245 min read
5 Degen-Only Sei Ecosystem Opps

With its price climbing nearly 3x since Dec 1 and weekly users growing from 5k to over 100k at some points since then, Sei has established itself as an ecosystem to watch!

As we head into this year, where parallel EVMs have been touted as one of the major upgrades to hit our industry, many investors may be curious about the projects leveraging this tech and the opportunities they may hold.

While the Sei ecosystem is still in its early stages, meaning it’s best equipped for degens, projects have already started establishing their footholds in DeFi and NFTs.

As we explore these 5 degen-only opportunities, it's crucial to understand the nuances of each project, the potential upside they hold if successful, as well as the risks that come from engaging with a project in its early stage. Let us begin!

🔵 Yaka Finance

Website | Twitter


The upcoming Yaka Finance merges DeFi and NFTs, preparing for launch as a combined launchpad and ve(3,3) DEX to consolidate liquidity in the Sei ecosystem. As with all ve(3,3) models, user participation in governance is a cornerstone of their approach, which they encourage by ensuring that all incentives and fees benefit the voters directly. While it is hard to know how a protocol will perform, especially before its launch, Yaka has developed a series of campaigns to jumpstart its growth.

Where’s the Opportunity?

Participating in Testnet: With Yaka in Testnet and an airdrop confirmed, now’s an ideal time to get involved. The first stage of this campaign revolves around testing the platform’s Swap and Liquidity functionalities, earning points for swaps and adding liquidity to its first pools.

Also, in classic Ponzi fashion, Yaka provides campaign participants with unique invitation links to share. If someone joins the campaign with your link, you earn a 5% bonus on the points accumulated by the new participant. Yaka's strategy to cap rewards on swaps and liquidity but not on invite link gains seems to push effectively on its growth aims. Monitor your campaign progress on Yaka’s Airdrop page.

Yaka Voyager NFT Sets Sail: On Tuesday, Yaka Finance’s Yaka Voyager NFT launched, selling out completely ahead of public sale, opening on secondary markets between 900-1200 SEI. Within the first 24 hours, they reached 1m SEI in volume. What’s the buzz? Holders of these 2000 Voyagers will receive a share of 6m YAKA tokens through airdrops and can stake them for a cut of Yaka's trading fees, which will lower from 15% to 10% over time. Plus, you would receive a 1% royalty from secondary sales.

While there is no guarantee any of this will pay off, participating in a Testnet is something you can do at no expense. If you’re ultra bullish on Yaka, it may be worth snagging a Voyager — up to you.

🟢 Kryptonite

Website | Twitter

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