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185 - The Superchain Explained with Jesse Pollak & Ben Jones

Tying the next thousand chains together via the Superchain
Aug 26, 202301:34:10631,126 views

Inside the episode

On today’s episode we brought on repeat Bankless guests, Ben Jones, Co-Founder of Optimism and Creator of Base, Jesse Pollock.

Base! Coinbase’s Layer 2 has almost hit 1 million users in 2 weeks. It has more transactions per second than Ethereum mainnet. Jesse digs into the magnitude of this development. Base chain was built on Optimism’s tech stack. This is just 1 chain of many thousands we’ll see over the coming years. How do we tie them all together? Ben dives into all things Superchain. The Superchain is how we bring 1 billion people onchain.


0:00 Intro

7:42 Base Launch Reflection

9:53 Optimism’s Reflection

11:35 Coinbase x Optimism Collaboration

17:14 OP Stack Incentives

23:43 Base’s Impressive Numbers

26:26 Explaining the Superchain

31:40 Why Join the Superchain?

33:55 The Law of Chains

45:26 The Coinbase Onchain Formula

51:15 Base Part of Optimism Governance

58:40 What About Other L2s?

1:04:56 Optimism Collective’s Fee

1:08:25 The Tech Behind the Superchain

1:13:34 Superchain Timeline

1:15:45 Fault Proofs

1:18:36 Risk Profile of Base

1:22:15 Optimism’s Governance Minimization

1:24:10 Wen Fault Proofs & Stages

1:30:00 How Many Clients Does Optimism Have?

1:33:36 Near Term Focus For Base

1:37:01 Near Term Focus For Optimism

Closing & Disclosures


Jesse Pollock

Ben Jones

The Law of Chains

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