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The SEC Declares War on Crypto

Mike Selig shares everything need to know about crypto regulation.
Feb 15, 202301:12:05

Inside the episode

In today's episode, Ryan and David bring on Mike Selig to chat about everything need to know about crypto regulation.

Operation Chokepoint is in full effect. Tune in to understand everything you need to know.


0:00 Intro

6:18 2023 Regulation Playbook

7:15 SEC Charging Kraken

11:27 SEC Rolling Out Regulation

14:09 SEC Patronizing Approach

15:44 Wells Notice

19:45 Kaken Staking Crackdown

28:00 Driving Crypto Offshore

30:05 Staking Pools Next?

35:05 SEC Scoring Points

40:50 Paxos & BUSD

44:40 Circle

50:55 Banks Servicing the Crypto Industry

57:55 Net Effects

59:27 U.S. Crypto Regulation History

1:02:49 Why the U.S. Hates Crypto

1:06:26 Banks vs. Crypto

1:08:14 Will Crypto Survive?

1:10:25 Closing & Disclaimers


Regulation vs. Decentralization
Gensler Statement

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