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Bitcoin Roars Past $50K
Published on Feb 12, 2024
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Solana Phone Hype
  1. 📲 Solana phone momentum surges. Solana Mobile now has more than 100,000 pre-orders for its “Chapter 2” smartphone. 
  2. 👮‍♂️ NY State AG expands DCG/Gemini lawsuit. The Attorney General’s office in NY expanded the billion-dollar anti-fraud civil lawsuit against DCG and Gemini to $3B.
  3. 👜 FTX unloads custody unit. FTX Holdings is selling off the custody unit it spent $10 million acquiring to CoinList for just $500k.
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BTC Touches $50K

📊 BTC roars to $50,000. The total crypto market cap (TOTAL) broke above $1.8T resistance as Bitcoin battled $50k, setting a new cycle high! How much higher can we go?

Prices as of 6pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $1.88T ↗ 3.3% ↗ 14.6%
BTC $50,140 ↗ 3.2% ↗ 17.8%
ETH $2,669 ↗ 6.2% ↗ 16.1%
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The Point of Points in Crypto
Bankless Author: Arjun Chand

Crypto has caught a bug, and it’s not the kind one can shake off easily. It’s the points fever!

It's a phenomenon that’s hard to ignore, with virtually every project doing some form of points program for users. So, if you’ve found yourself asking, "What’s the point of points?" then today’s story will bring you up to speed on the what, where, when, and why of points in crypto.

Let’s dive in! 👇


Mass adoption of token-governed technologies. With Mantle Network – an Ethereum rollup, Mantle Treasury, and a token holder governed roadmap for products and initiatives.

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Why e/acc is Right

Beff Jezos (Guillaume Verdon) is a founding father of the e/acc movement, a physicist, a quantum researcher, and the founder of an AI startup called Extropic.

He thinks AI doomers are not only wrong, but they’re taking humanity in the worst possible direction. Instead of slowing down on AI progress, Beff explains why we should be speeding up.

Bankless Citizens get Early Access to our Monday podcast and an exclusive Debrief from David & Ryan unpacking the interview👇

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Get Started with Stride
Bankless Author: William M. Peaster

Everyone seems to be talking about Stride.

The staking platform for Cosmos chains just unveiled stTIA, a liquid staking token for Celestia’s TIA. stTIA allows holders to earn Celestia staking yields passively while still maintaining a liquid position that can be used in other DeFi projects.

Here's how to get onboarded to the protocol 👇

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Earn Airdrops!

Many Bankless Citizens who completed the Jito quests in our Airdrop Hunter app just earned five-figure airdrop paydays!

It's airdrop season, and plenty of other protocols are preparing to reward early users. Get on their lists. Start hunting!

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