SVB Banking Crisis, Fed Pivot, BTC ETH price action📈

Explaining the 2nd largest bank failure in the United States with Ryan and David
Mar 14, 202301:09:1189,235 views

Inside the episode

Ryan and David discuss the breaking story around the SVB banking crisis. What happened? Why? What's the effect on crypto, the rest of the financial markets, and the banking system?

0:00 Intro

10:50 Recap

22:40 Balaji

28:05 Joint Statement from FDIC, Fed, Treasury

32:40 Silvergate says it would have been fine

36:25 Bank Stocks Today

37:10 Circuit Breaker Day

38:14 XLF Banking sector:

38:37 Two Tiers of Banks

39:25 Jake: “Will regulators get in the way of other banks providing services to crypto customers?"

Yano gives 6 options

42:40 Effect on USDC

DAI too

44:40 Chadallaire

48:20 USDC:USD conversions are good to go

52:20 10 yr yield down

52:50 Pricing in new interest rates

57:20 Meanwhile, crypto:

58:25 Kraken Crypto Prices:

59:45 Banks down, Bankless up

1:00:00 Binance buying 1 billy BTC

1:01:07 NLW Meme

1:03:29 Quintenz

1:04:00 Attack on Crypto?

1:04:37 Don’t let them blame this on crypto

1:05:05 Memes

1:05:50 Closing & Disclaimers

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