Stablecoins and National Security | Former CFTC Chair Timothy Massad

Are they a hidden threat?
May 23, 202401:24:39

Inside the episode

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Are stablecoins a threat to national security? How should the US government step in?

We brought Timothy Massad, the perfect guest to help us answer these hard questions. He was the Obama appointed chair for the CFTC, the guy who helped designate Bitcoin as a commodity over 10 years ago.

We touch on:- The importance of stablecoins.

- How stablecoins compare to eurodollars.

- Weather crypto and sanctions can co-exist.

- A sensible policy for stablecoins.

- And finally, his thoughts on what happens next.

Timothy brings a whole different perspective from what we’re used to in our crypto bubble. That’s exactly why you should tune into this episode.


0:00 Intro

6:34 Timothy’s Background

9:30 Security vs Commodity

12:46 Stablecoin First Impressions

21:42 The Importance of Stablecoins

28:26 History of the Eurodollar

38:46 Economic Sanctions

47:47 Stablecoins and Sanctions

1:08:59 A Stablecoin Future

1:13:37 A CBDC Future

1:18:49 What about Privacy?

1:20:58 The Role of the Dollar

1:23:18 Stablecoins Abroad

1:25:43 Predictions

1:28:10 Closing & Disclaimers


Timothy Massad


Stablecoins and National Security by Timothy Massadhttps://www.brookings.edu/articles/stablecoins-and-national-security-learning-the-lessons-of-eurodollars/ 

Five Perspectives on Stablecoins by Nic Carter


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