Shanghai-Capella: ETH Staking Withdrawals with Tim Beiko, Justin Drake, and Anthony Sassano

Ryan, David, Tim Beiko, Justin Drake, and Anthony Sassano unpack everything you need to know about today’s, highly anticipated Shanghai-Capella: ETH Staking Withdrawals.
Apr 12, 202301:19:53

Inside the episode

Also, the five cover ETH staking mechanics, withdraw upgrade FUD myths, what’s next for Ethereum, and Justin’s prediction around, staking airdrops?!...

Topics Covered

0:00 Intro

8:20 Shanghai-Capella Explained

10:09 ETH Staking Mechanics

14:33 Deposit Queue

18:10 Why Shanghai-Capella

21:04 Importance of Shanghai-Capella

24:52 Validators & Finality

28:12 Sassal’s Thoughts on Shanghai-Capella

32:26 Major Derisk Event?

34:30 Demystifying Withdraw Upgrade FUD

42:35 Where Will Ether Accrue?

46:20 Benefits of Competition for ETH Stakers

48:55 Bear Case for ETH Price

55:35 Solo-Staking

1:01:30 Making Solo-Staking Easier

1:04:30 Re-Keying

1:06:00 What is Next for Ethereum?

1:09:48 Anthony Sassano’s Tinkering Setup

1:15:50 Staking Airdrops?!

1:19:00 Closing & Disclaimers


Tim Beiko

Justin Drake

Anthony Sassano

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