Senator Pat Toomey's Concerns about the SEC & Crypto

We brought on our first United States senator, Sen. Toomey. He's a senator from Pennsylvania, a ranking member of the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs committees. He's also crypto-friendly.
Dec 1, 202200:33:4618,845 views

Inside the episode

Hear how Capitol Hill is digesting the FTX collapse, what America's crypto competition looks like currently, and what it might look like if we still have no regulatory clarity. And finally, what you can do to impact our government's view on crypto.


0:00 The Big Picture

3:40 America's Competitors

6:10 The FTX Collapse

8:50 Crypto Sentiment in Congress

13:00 We Want Reasonable Regulation

16:53 Lack of Clarity

22:15 Fallout from Contagion

24:25 Hope for Solutions

27:48 Preventing Sloppy Legislation

31:06 Cautious Optimism


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