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The SEC Fake Out
Published on Jan 9, 2024
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SEC's ETF Fake Out
  1. 🙄 SEC posts fake ETF approval. The SEC's Twitter account announced the approval of the BTC ETF, and minutes later, Gary Gensler claimed the account was compromised and the announcement was fake! What's happening?
  2. 📆 Tomorrow? Before the fake news crisis, fund managers and analysts were feeling confident in the approval announcement going live Wednesday. Will today's actions shift that timeline?
  3. 💦 Lido surges. The liquid staking platform's token LDO is up 16% today, reaching highs not seen since Terra's collapse in 2022.
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Can ETH Mount a Comeback?

📊 ETH's moment soon? Broader crypto markets pared back yesterday’s gains, with the total crypto market cap (TOTAL) declining by 1.4%, but that didn’t stop Solana’s momentum! What tokens are primed for outperformance?

Prices as of 5pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $1.70T ↘ 1.4% ↘ 1.7%
BTC $45,926 ↘ 2.3% ↗ 1.9%
ETH $2,330 ↗ 0.3% ↘ 1.4%
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What are Ordinals?
Bankless Author: William Peaster

The core feature of the Ordinal system is the ability to inscribe arbitrary data onto satoshis. This reality is why the phrase “Inscriptions” has recently become synonymous with “Bitcoin NFTs” or “Ordinals-style NFTs.” 

In our latest Bankless Guide, we tackle Ordinals, highlighting the various flavors of Bitcoin NFTs and what other experiments are cooking up right now.

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