Scaling Ethereum To The Next Level with zkEVM

The world's first type one zkEVM.
Aug 30, 202301:11:41

Inside the episode

Joining us today for this deeply technical conversation is RiskZero CEO Brian Retford and Justin Drake. RiskZero is attempting to create a zkEVM for Ethereum that will require such low compute requirements that validators could be run on smart watches and mobile phones.

Moderated by Justin Drake, we take a look at the implications this tech can have on the future of Ethereum.


0:00 Intro

7:47 Validator On Your Smartwatch

12:16 Bandwith Requirements

15:00 Implications for mainnet scaling

18:57 Is This Our Multi-Core Moment?

21:35 What is RiskZero?

27:57 Why Build a zkEVM?

32:00 TLDR Summary

35:42 The 3 Steps To Snarks

41:40 Performance Unlocks

43:59 How close are we to all this?

51:54 How Secure is This?

57:34 Licensing this Tech

59:59 RiskZero Business Model?

1:03:53 What’s Next on The Roadmap?

1:06:15 Core Values of RiskZero

1:07:54 How Does Ethereum Look in 5 Years?



The Sci-Fi roadmap to Ethereum: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_NXxcGe7Ts 





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