SBF vs. Erik Voorhees: How Do We Regulate Crypto?

The debate of the year. This is a legendary episode SBF and Erik Voorhees, which happened a week before the notorious FTX collapse
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Oct 31, 202202:11:07

Inside the episode

A debate between two crypto titans on how to regulate crypto. Whether to regulate crypto? Where do we draw the line? Study and remember this one anon.


0:00 Intro

7:36 Should Crypto Be Regulated?

23:50 Transparency

25:55 Showing Up & BitLicense

36:50 Erik's Issues with Sam's Post

52:12 The DeFi Regulation Debate

1:24:27 Why Regulation Now?

1:40:10 DCCPA

1:53:04 Stealmanning Eachother's Points

2:01:55 Closing Arguments

2:06:17 Closing & Disclaimers



Erik Voorhees

SBF Proposal

Erik Voorhees's Rebuttal

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