Rejecting Bitcoin Fundamentalism | Dan Held

Dan Held is a widely known educator in the Bitcoin Universe. Formerly the director of growth marking at Kraken, he’s now an independent content creator at the Held Report and an advisor to Trust Machines.
Oct 12, 202201:08:12

Inside the episode

In today’s State of the Nation, we explore a new extremist sub-division of the Bitcoin movement: Bitcoin Fundamentalism.

Is there a divide growing in the Bitcoin Community? Why are Dan Held and other Bitcoiners frustrated with this cohort? What is Bitcoin Fundamentalism, and what does it mean for the future direction of the Bitcoin Community?


0:00 Intro

8:00 Say No To Bitcoin Fundamentalism

13:10 What is Fundamentalism?

21:00 Nic Carter

27:12 Brain Drain

31:00 The Rationalists

39:00 Wealthy then Healthy

44:00 Cyber Hornets

53:40 What’s at Stake Here?

1:01:00 Trust Machine

1:03:32 The Bitcoin Ecosystem


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