Ram Ahluwalia Predicts MORE Bank Failures

Ram Ahluwalia, CEO of Lumida Wealth Management, joins us for his second time on Bankless to discuss the latest bank failure and what it means for the rest of the traditional finance system.
May 10, 202301:15:26327,667 views

Inside the episode

Are there more failures to come? Can crypto save the banks? Why are politicians being quiet this time around? What will Powell do next? Answers to these questions and much more in the episode.


0:00 Intro

8:30 Season Two of the Banking Crisis

10:38 First Republic Bank

13:00 Politicians Being Quiet?

15:13 Ram's Slide Agenda

16:10 Co-Morbidities of Bank Failures

23:40 Negative Equitites

24:40 Publicly Traded Banks

30:27 The Walls Preventing a Collapse

35:40 The Banks' Mycelium Network

39:26 What's the Problem?

45:50 Commercial Real Estate

47:10 The Next 2008?

50:10 CRE Risk

53:07 Arthur Hayes Take

56:40 Balaji Take

1:01:13 Will Powell Blink?

1:03:20 How to Fix the Banks

1:09:35 How Crypto Saves the Banks?

1:12:55 Closing & Disclaimers


Ram Ahluwalia

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