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Optimism Base Superchain πŸ”΅_πŸ”΄ with Ben Jones, Karl Floersch, & Jing Wang

In today's show, we bring on Ben Jones, Chief Scientist of the Optimism Foundation, Karl Floersch, CTO at OP Labs, and Jing Wang, Executive Director of Optimism Foundation
Feb 24, 202300:58:4858,932 views

Inside the episode

The five discuss Coinbase's Base launch, the OP Stack integration, and what it means for the Superchains vision!


0:00 Intro

6:20 Sentiment at Optimism

7:00 Biggest Deal with the News?

11:28 Reflection on Coinbase's Base

15:45 OP Stack

17:15 Is Base a Competitor?

20:53 Puberty State of Chains

33:30 Superchains

40:35 Security of the Superchains

44:35 Superchain Standards

51:51 Base Decentralization Timeline?

57:10 Closing & Disclaimers


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