Why MetaMask Snaps is a Big Deal with Co-Founder, Dan FinIay

We welcome creator and Co-Founder of MetaMask, Dan Finlay on the show to help us explore all of these questions and much more.
Sep 15, 202300:55:46

Inside the episode

MetaMask just released MetaMask Snaps at Permissionless II. Why is this such a big deal? Is this crypto’s “Chrome extension” moment? Is this how we onboard crypto’s next billion users?


0:00 Intro

5:05 MetaMask Snaps Explained

7:55 Extensions

10:50 MetaMask Snap Demo

22:40 Sci-Fi Snaps

26:23 Mobile

27:10 Chrome Extensions

28:45 Permissionless Snaps?

32:34 Snaps Multi-Year Journey

38:28 Are Snaps Secure?

42:55 What Info Should Snaps Have?

46:30 Smart Contract Wallets

48:25 Account Abstraction Wallet

50:24 Safe UX

52:50 What Devs Need to Know

54:50 Closing & Disclaimers


Dan Finlay


MetaMask Snaps


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