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Mastering Memecoins
Published on Mar 12, 2024
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The SEC Gets Sued
  1. 💙 Coinbase sues the SEC. Coinbase is going after the SEC, who it says is "behaving arbitrarily and capriciously" in regards to crypto rules, an accusation that all of crypto and many legal officials can agree with.
  2. 💳 MetaMask is testing payments card. MetaMask is working with Mastercard and Baanx on the "first entirely on-chain card," CoinDesk reports.
  3. ⬆️ Tensor to issue token. Solana NFT marketplace Tensor announced plans to issue the TNSR governance token, though no details were given on timing.
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Why is AERO Pumping?

📊 AERO dynamism. Bitcoin and ETH took a dive on Tuesday, but there were still winners to be found. Aerodrome Finance, a liquidity protocol built on Base, has surged in price by 100% over the past four days. What catalyst kicked off the rally, and will AERO continue to moon?

Prices as of 5pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $2.68T ↘ 1.7% ↗ 14.5%
BTC $71,061 ↘ 1.8% ↗ 11.8%
ETH $3,948 ↘ 2.5% ↗ 12.3%
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Master Memecoins with These 5 Tools
Bankless Author: David C.

We're back in the Wild West of bull market gains.

To trade in crypto, whether altcoins or memecoins, you must stay ahead of the curve. Retail investors need to have the right toolkit to find the right tokens at the right times and ensure they don't miss opportunities.

In this article, we’re outlining 5 indispensable tools to put in your token-hunting arsenal 👇


Kraken is one of the largest and most secure crypto platforms in the world. They've been in the crypto game for over a decade, and now they're inviting us all on a journey to see what crypto can be.

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Tokenizing the World

Can we tokenize more than just crypto assets?

Robert Leshner, creator of Compound and one of the forefathers of DeFi, is on a mission to do so. His new company, Superstate, is trying to bring $300 trillion in TradFi assets on-chain.

Dig into all the alpha 👇

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Earn Airdrops!

Many Bankless Citizens who completed the Jito quests in our Airdrop Hunter app just earned five-figure airdrop paydays!

It's airdrop season, and plenty of other protocols are preparing to reward early users. Get on their lists. Start hunting!

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