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Massive Arbitrum Acquisition!! with Steven Goldfeder & Preston Van Loon

Leaders from Arbitrum and Prysmatic Labs join to discuss a crucial merger for crypto infrastructure
Oct 20, 202200:59:15

Inside the episode

Arbitrum acquires Prysmatic! Hear all about the deal and what it means for both teams, the future of Ethereum, and the space writ large.


0:00 Intro

10:00 How the Acquisition Happened

13:45 Prysmatic Big W's

15:15 Ethereum W's

16:08 Prysmatic Origins

23:20 What Happens Next at Prysmatic

24:50 Arbitrum's Contribution

30:37 Credible Neutrality Concerns

35:25 Open Source Ethos

43:43 Vitalik's Take

49:47 Acquisition Concerns

53:10 Arbitrum Access

56:00 Prysmatic Worth

57:56 Wen Arb Token

58:20 Closing & Disclaimers


Steven Goldfeder

Preston Van Loon

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