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Long Live NFTs ✊

Weekly Roundup: ApeCoin DAO apes in, FloorDAO’s fork, Yuga’s new partners, & more!
William M. Peaster William M. Peaster Sep 22, 20233 min read
Long Live NFTs ✊

Dear Bankless Nation,

NFT skeptics were out in force this week, but that’s fine.

Let ‘em hate.

They’ve made a boogeyman out of open and durable digital items and those of us who explore them, but the march of progress will continue to pass them by.

In the meantime we’ll just keep learning, exploring, and building here. We’re explorers on the metaversal frontier, that’s what we do!

As always thanks for reading this weekly NFT news roundup, everyone. I hope you all have a great weekend, stay creative! ✌️


📊 The big picture

Over the past week, the floor-based market cap of the NFT space declined from 7.99 million ETH to 7.53 million ETH for a 5.75% drop ⤵️

🔝 7D top collections by volume

via OpenSea Pro

📰 General news

🏆 Digital collectibles

  • Checks VV holders were airdropped Checks PFPs.
  • Cool Cats launched its SideKX mint.
  • ApeCoin DAO approved AIP-304, which will see the collective buy 11M $APE worth of Yuga Labs assets.

🎨 Cryptoart & music

🎮 Decentralized gaming

🌐 Virtual worlds

🪙 NFTfi

  • Astaria acquired MetaQuants, a NFTfi aggregator and analytics platform.
  • FloorDAO is undergoing a partial fork.
  • Protectorate Protocol intro’d Zaar, a liquidity layer for NFTs.
  • Reservoir intro’d Memswap, a new protocol for decentralized market orders.

🎆 Mint spotlight: The Casino on Mars

Matt Huang, the co-founder of Paradigm, recently penned an insightful article titled "The Casino on Mars," which explores the crypto landscape as a new frontier akin to a planet being settled. The post was an instant hit and its featured artwork, created in collaboration with animator and storyboard artist Myke Chilian, has been minted as a commemorative NFT on Zora. The mint price is 0.02 ETH per, and proceeds from the mint go to Myke!
via Zora

🙇 New insightful reads to level up your web3 knowledge!

1. Future Tape on onchain albums 💽

2. Holograph on real world assets 🌐

3. Accelxr on onchain generative media 📝

4. Jin on dogfooding in the metaverse ▶️

5. Jacob on the goodness of forks 🍴

6. WASD on onchain emergence 🎮

✨ My NFT tool of the week: Rainbow Extension

Rainbow’s one of the slickest wallets in crypto, so take note because the project just released its highly-anticipated browser extension. Available on Chrome, Brave, Edge, and Arc, it’s packed with features like the “Magic Menu” for on-the-fly commands and keyboard shortcuts. Whether you’re a veteran juggling multiple wallets or a rookie looking for an easy way to go onchain, the Rainbow Extension has you covered.
via Rainbow

😜 Keep on keeping on, I see you fam…

via MinisterOfNFTs
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William M. Peaster, Senior Writer, has been with Bankless since January 2021. Immersed in Ethereum since 2017, he writes the Metaversal newsletter on the onchain frontier, covering everything from AI projects to crypto games, as the team’s lead NFT analyst. With a background in creative writing, he writes fiction and publishes art on Ethereum in his free time. He lives in Washington.

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