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Ledger CTO on How NOT to Lose Your Crypto

Charles Guillemet is the CTO at Ledger with a highly experienced background in cryptography and hardware security.
Feb 28, 202301:23:47

Inside the episode

In today’s episode, Charles walks through all levels of security. No matter if you’re just beginning your wallet security journey or if youre a veteran, this episode will teach you something new about all things crypto and wallet security.


0:00 Intro

5:52 CTO of Ledger

8:35 Private Keys

17:25 Avoiding Bad Entropy

23:11 Private Keys & Seed Phrases

29:00 Mistakes Storing Seed Phrases

36:55 Securing Your Seed Phrase

45:00 Overengineer Wallet Security

47:55 Cold vs. Hot Wallets

54:22 Benefits of Hot Wallets

58:47 Smart Contract Risk

1:06:45 Allowances

1:11:30 Allowance Access

1:14:00 Blind Signing

1:18:00 Solution to Blind Signing

1:21:38 Resources to Learn More

1:22:22 Closing & Disclaimers


Charles Guillemet


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