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Jim Bianco on the Health of the Global Financial System

We welcome back Jim on for his 4th time to help us navigate this next wave of macro chaos.
Mar 29, 202301:11:35

Inside the episode

Jim Bianco is the Head of Bianco Research and owner of BiancoResearch.ETH, Jim is our go-to source of macro analysis from someone who also knows crypto.

Jim was early and loud about the initial Fed pivot into rising interest rates, all the way back in March of 2022, before much of the crypto industry really understood how significant interest rates can be.


0:00 Intro

8:10 Balaji's Bet

10:48 Arthur Hayes & Ben Hunt

14:30 The Fed's Balance Sheet Chart

18:00 Deposits in Banks Chart

27:20 BTFP

36:09 Raising Rates & Insolvency

38:35 The Long Tail of Banks

47:09 Treasury Returns?!

54:45 Uncertainty & Bond Market

58:20 Phase Change

1:02:24 Signs of Health

1:06:55 What is Jim Doing?

1:10:40 Closing & Disclaimers



Jim Bianco


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