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It's Time to Yield

8 yield protocols to put your idle capital to work.
Bankless Bankless Aug 31, 20237 min read

Dear Bankless Nation,

DeFi yield farming feels poised for a comeback and we want to make sure you've got all of the tools you need to allocate effectively.

Today, we're surfacing hot potential opportunities on 8 yield protocols – our analysis is available in full exclusively to our paying subscribers.

- Bankless team

Where to Find Hot DeFi Yields Right Now

Bankless Writer: Jack Inabinet | disclosures

Yield-farmers are preparing for a comeback.

Get ready for it. Hunting cryptocurrency yields alone is no small task. With hundreds of yield protocols to sort through and a seemingly limitless number of pools to choose from, finding the best yields in DeFi can often feel overwhelming!

To help out, we've amassed eight unique yield protocols you can use today to put your idle capital to work.

The protocols below have some pretty complex underlying technical mechanics, so get ready to put on your DeFi expert hats or take a look at our 8 Bear Market Investment Strategies if you're looking for a more intermediate take on leveling up your crypto investooor skills.

For the rest of you... let's get started! 👇

💫 Gamma

Website | Twitter
Ticker: GAMMA
TVL: $75.2M
Yield Source: Swap Fees, Token Incentives

🧐 What is it? Set-and-forget LP strategies

Gamma offers active management infrastructure for concentrated liquidity pools. The Protocol uses “Strategies” to actively manage liquidity, meaning LPs on Gamma have no need to manually reset tick ranges, claim compounded fees, or monitor their risk of impermanent loss!

Stakers of the Protocol’s governance token, GAMMA, earn a portion of fees accrued from all Gamma-managed pools. Currently, they are free to withdraw stake at their discretion, however, the Protocol’s V2 staking module will allow users to lock tokens for enhanced yields.

Protocols can partner with Gamma to distribute targeted liquidity incentives towards depositors of specific pools and strategies.

🔥 Hot Yields:

🌊 Maverick

Website | Twitter
Ticker: MAV
TVL: $42.7M
Yield Source: Swap Fees, Pool Incentives

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