Is SOL Money? with Austin Federa, Head of Strategy at the Solana Foundation

David is joined by Austin Federa is Head of Strategy at the Solana Foundation to debate ETH vs. SOL
Aug 10, 202301:01:39451,725 views

Inside the episode

Bankless hasn’t had the most coverage of Solana, the network, and SOL, the asset, but in this episode that changes. Our guest, Austin Federa is Head of Strategy at the Solana Foundation and is the host of the Validated podcast.

David was recently a guest on Austin’s podcast where they went back and forth on some of the cultural and philosophical differences between the Solana and Ethereum projects. Today is a continuation of that episode.

Despite some differences in community perspectives, Austin brings a fresh perspective on the design philosophy that relates Solana the network to SOL the asset and so much more.  


0:00 Intro

6:50 Programmable SOL Values

8:10 SOL’s Story Arc

12:25 SOL’s Architecture & Utility

17:30 SOL’s Economic Sustainability Model

19:20 SOL’s Triple Point Asset Thesis

25:15 Solana’s LSDs

28:48 Solana’s MEV Philosophy

33:56 End Game of Solana MEV

40:00 Ethereum vs. Solana

50:00 Market Cap, Values, & Layers Debate

1:00:15 Closing & Disclaimers  


Austin Federa


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