The US Government is Trying to Kill Crypto | Miller Whitehouse-Levine and Jason Schwartz

How you can save DeFi in less than 5 minutes
Oct 24, 202300:00:00

Inside the episode

We need to stop the US from killing crypto. The new IRS proposals could effectively destroy DeFi and other crypto use cases.

The good news? We can change this. 5 minutes is all it takes to leave a comment and get the interpretation delayed.

In this episode, we bring on Miller Whitehouse-Levine of the DeFi Education Fund and tax lawyer Jason Schwartz to discuss the proposed rules and their catastrophic implications.


0:00 Intro

6:30 Miller and Jason

8:15 The Broker Laws

15:30 Proposed Regulation

20:50 Endgame Oversight

26:00 They Hate Crypto

31:00 The Comment Process

36:40 New Crypto Tax Tools

42:00 So What Happens…

46:30 Pressuring the Departments

50:50 How We Can Win

56:20 What We Have to Do


Miller Whitehouse-Levine

Jason Schwartz

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