How Will BTC Handle Halving?
Published on Apr 19, 2024
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Ready for Runes?
  1. 🟠 Bitcoin gets ready for Runes. As the Halving nears, BTC is preparing for the heavily hyped debut of the Runes Protocol which will launch shortly after and create a new system for fungible tokens on the bitcoin network.
  2. 🦔 Hedgey Finance gets hit. The team’s Token Claim Contract has allegedly been exploited for nearly $2M according to Cyvers.
  3. 🤡 JP Morgan CEO rips Bitcoin. Despite his bank buying into BlackRock’s BTC ETF, Jamie Dimon says BTC is just a “decentralized Ponzi scheme.
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Bitcoin's Instability Volatility

📊 Bouncing Back? Deepening geopolitical tension between Iran and Israel turning violent in the Middle East is leading to volatility for investors across the board, including in crypto markets. How did markets respond to the latest event, and is war the only thing on traders’ minds?

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How Will Bitcoin Handle This Halving?
Bankless Author: Jack Inabinet

The quadrennial Bitcoin Halving is yet again upon us, scheduled to occur tomorrow at approximately 9:31 AM EST, and will programmatically reduce the block rewards paid out to miners by 50% for the fourth time in history!

Many have attempted to prophesy the potential impact of this event on BTC price, but the arrival of the Halving raises another equally important question: how will Bitcoin afford its security budget going forward?👇


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Pomp on Bitcoin

Bankless Nation, we’ve finally got him… Anthony Pompliano is on the show. Pomp is an investor and media personality, best known to the crypto community for his relentless bitcoin evangelism.

Expect to learn about the Bitcoin Halving, the state of BTC ETFs, the consequential institutional adoption and crypto tribalism. We wrap up the episode with a quick lightning round with Pomp and a peek into his 2024 investment portfolio.

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