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Getting Started with Rabby Wallet

Unpacking the perks and points of this hot EVM crypto wallet.
William M. Peaster William M. Peaster Jan 26, 20242 min read
Getting Started with Rabby Wallet

With more than a few rising contenders across the crypto wallet landscape, one that's been catching a few eyeballs in the community is Rabby Wallet

Created by the DeBank team, Rabby is specialized for users of Ethereum and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains like Base, Arbitrum, Optimism, and beyond.  

What's special about Rabby Wallet?

Of course, Rabby can handle all of the basics that you’d expect—you can use the wallet to send, receive, and track transactions, swap tokens, access your NFTs, and so forth. 

But in terms of specialized features, Rabby stands out thanks to its all-in-one UX that offers a range of built-in features that other Ethereum wallets don’t offer.

Some of these features include:

These offerings make Rabby a good fit for crypto beginners and experts alike and have helped the wallet attract an influx of new users—daily transactions on Rabby surged from +20k to +300k last year, a 1,400% increase. 

How can you try Rabby Wallet?

All that said, if you’re interested in trying Rabby, you can currently download the wallet as a browser extension or a desktop client. Mobile support is around the corner but not live yet. 

As for onboarding, Rabby covers all the bases—you can create a brand new wallet, import addresses from other projects like MetaMask, connect hardware wallets, Safe multi-sigs, etc. 

Getting started is straightforward. You’d go to, download your preferred version of the wallet, and create or connect your desired addresses. 

Just remember: if you create an address from scratch, remember to save your seed phrase in a secure place in case you ever need to recover your wallet in the future!

Once you have your account set up how you want, you can start tapping Rabby for your crypto and NFT transaction needs with the benefit of all the wallet’s various aforementioned features. Yet Rabby is not just useful—it may also be fruitful. That’s because the project just unveiled a points system, and a fair assumption is that these points will factor into eligibility for a future airdrop. 

If this airdrop’s one you’re keen to hunt for, be sure to check out the new Rabby update in our Airdrop Hunter portal to get started on six different quests that can up your prospects. No guarantees here, of course, but the chances are looking good. 

In the meantime, keep an eye on Rabby’s progress going forward. Ultimately, it doubles down on a streamlined security-centric experience with its various checks and alerts, making the wallet a solid safety pick for the contemporary cryptoeconomy. Rabby also has other offerings, like RabbyKit and Rabby Institutional, that give the project further upside prospects in the crypto wallet landscape. In the meantime, consider stacking your wallet points for a potential future Rabby airdrop.

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