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208 - Fixing Fragmentation with Justin Drake

Justin explores the solution for what might be Ethereum’s Hardest Challenge.
Feb 5, 202402:06:31

Inside the episode

The Ethereum Ecosystem is going through Fragmentation, can we make it more Composable?

We brought on Ethereum researcher Justin Drake to explore this question in detail.

We cover deep topics like Universal Synchronous Composability, Shared Sequencing and Based Rollups. Justin explores the solution for which might be Ethereum’s Hardest Challenge and its roadmap.


00:00 Intro
6:55 Ethereum’s Fragmentation Problem
10:00 The Solution
17:14 Composability Spectrum
23:57 Universal Synchronous Composability
30:32 Composability Features
36:25 Why Composability Matters
43:07 The Roadmap
46:52 What is Shared Sequencing?
1:03:38 A Shared Sequencing Paradigm
1:19:55 Shared Sequencing Solutions
1:30:25 Rollup Design
1:40:15 Based Rollup Roadmap
1:47:02 What’s Next
1:50:51 Timeline
1:53:10 Accessory Technologies
1:58:18 The Role of Blockspace
2:05:28 Outro


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