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Fidelity's Bitcoin ETF

One of the largest asset managers in the world filed for a BTC this the one?
Ryan Sean Adams Ryan Sean Adams Mar 27, 20211 min read
Fidelity's Bitcoin ETF

Dear Bankless Nation,

Fidelity filed for a Bitcoin ETF this week. This is huge.

The crypto community has been pleading for this to happen for years now. There’s been multiple attempts over the years…so why is this one different?

Because it’s not coming from the crypto natives. It’s coming from one of the largest asset managers in the world.

If the banks can’t do it, can anyone?

The industry has matured a lot over the past few years too. We now have regulated CME futures markets. Financial institutions have the green light to custody the asset. Corporations hold BTC on their balance sheet. We even have crypto natives leading the SEC.

If this passes, it would open the flood gates for more money, for more institutions, for more adoption.

If this passes, crypto is going mainstream. No denying that.

There’s only one question now…



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