ETH NFTs Bounce
Published on Apr 26, 2024
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Sponsor: Celo — Celo is returning to Ethereum with OP Stack and celebrating four years of mainnet!

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ETH NFTs Rebound

Is it time to silence the ETH NFTs are dead narrative? This week, leading collections saw notable increases in their floor prices: Bored Apes surged by 40%, Moonbirds by 32%, Azuki by 15%, etc. While there's no single catalyst driving this rebound, the extremely low sentiment recently makes this rally seem long overdue. If the momentum continues, it'll suggest the market has bottomed out, paving the way for the next major run up in ETH NFTs.

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After Celo’s community unanimously voted to migrate the mobile-first, EVM-compatible L1 to an Ethereum L2 (#CEL2), core contributors cLabs spent months evaluating and testing leading tech stacks. On Celo mainnet’s 4-year anniversary, cLabs is excited to announce its proposal to leverage Optimism’s OP Stack.

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Immutable Main Quest

Immutable is a rising giant in the crypto gaming scene, and it's set aside $50M of its $IMX tokens for its new Main Quest gaming rewards program.

The idea? Incentivize players to explore the first wave of games to launch on the Immutable zkEVM, from already live titles like Guild of Guardians to upcoming launches like Treeverse.

While the Main Quest campaign has just begun to rev up, the full send is near, so the best way to prepare for the imminent festivities is to sign up for an Immutable Passport, which serves as a streamlined wallet and gamer profile system.

Then, just transfer some starter funds in, claim Gems points daily, and use the "Rewards" tab in your Passport profile to participate in specific game quests as they come in. New Immutable games may also drop tokens of their own later, so there's potentially many play-to-earn opportunities here!

Also, feel free to track your progress in Airdrop Hunter 😉

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