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ETF Approval Imminent?
Published on Jan 4, 2024
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Approval Around the Corner?
  1. 🙏 ETF applicants race to appease SEC. Firms hoping to issue spot BTC ETFs first are getting their ducks in a row on how they will work for investors, The Block reports. Is approval imminent?
  2. 🥷 Binance rugging privacy coins? Binance, fresh off of its DOJ settlement, is putting privacy coins like Monero, Zcash, and Horizen on notice ahead of possible delisting.
  3. 🤑 TVL on L2s surpasses Alt-L1s. Ethereum's L2 ecosystem is soaking up the DeFi riches, with their cumulative total value-locked $20.7B – surpassing that of all other L1s.
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Why are Cosmos Tokens Pumping?

📊 Cosmos Pump? Certain Cosmos tokens are pumping hard, busy at work retracing the pain of yesterday’s drop: Celestia has ripped 65% off its local bottom, Injective has gained 30%, and Osmosis is up 20%. What is contributing to the pump, and how can you capitalize on the opportunity?

Prices as of 5pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $1.69T ↗ 2.9% ↗ 1.2%
BTC $44,599 ↗ 4.0% ↗ 4.8%
ETH $2,280 ↗ 2.6% ↘ 2.8%
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David's 2024 Predictions
Bankless Author: David Hoffman

It's the first week of 2024, so, yeah, you're seeing an awful lot of predictions on where crypto goes this year. Of course, most of these calls end up being way off, but in the heat of a bull market, it's just too much fun to place bets, and I can't resist making my own calls.

So, here are my top five predictions for crypto in 2024! 👇👇👇


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6 Crypto Predictions

Welcome back to Bankless Takes! David and Ryan are thinking about the future of crypto with six predictions on the major investment themes for 2024.

Get the full breakdown 👇

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