172 - Why We Need a Digital Dollar | Rohan Grey Debates RSA

Rohan Grey is an assistant professor at Willamette University College of Law and has been involved in the world of politics and government as it relates to our public money systems.
May 21, 202301:23:39

Inside the episode

You might remember him as the guy behind the STABLE Act (Stablecoin And Bank Licensing Enforcement) which turned into an episode we did with him in December of 2020.

The topic of CBDC and the politicization of our money system has returned, so we wanted to get Rohan back on to learn about what this conversation from his point of view.

In today’s episode, Rohan helps us understand:

1) Who are the power structures supporting and fighting over the CBDC

2) Why the crypto community might have to support a digital dollar… or else!?

3) Why you should be skeptical about the anti-Gensler politicians

4) Finding the common ground between Rohan and Bankless


0:00 Intro

7:39 CBDC Fight in D.C.?

9:20 What Side Is Rohan On?

11:07 Public vs. Private Money

14:36 The Political Chessboard

25:11 Republicans & CBDCs

30:22 Anti-Gensler Republicans

34:23 Central Bank Independence

40:15 Elizabeth Warren War on Crypto

51:25 Crypto x Political Alignment

57:50 The Case for Crypto

1:02:52 Public Goods & Capitalism

1:04:33 Digital Dollar & Privacy

1:07:21 The Central Banker Problem

1:16:49 Property Rights

1:22:44 Rohan’s Advice to Builders

1:28:09 Closing & Disclaimers


Rohan Grey


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