201 - Garry Kasparov on Why Freedom Always Wins

Chess legend on the most important topics in the 21st century
Dec 13, 202300:00:00

Inside the episode

Chess Legend and Freedom Fighter Garry Kasparov on AI, Geopolitics, and Crypto.

One of the first people to experience machine intelligence in a profound way–greatest chess player in the world when he lost a match to IBM computer program Deep Blue in 1997—since then, humans have never been able to beat machines in a game of chess.

The theme of this episode is Freedom. Garry’s optimism shines through on this topic. With experience in Geopolitics, Artificial Intelligence, and Human Rights, Garry Kasparov might just be the perfect guest to guide us through some very challenging topics that will likely define the rest of this decade, and beyond.


0:00 Intro

9:00 Gary’s Background

20:45 Chess & AI

24:38 e/acc vs. d/acc

28:53 AI & Human History

37:40 Russia & Freedom

49:25 Can Democracy Win?

56:32 Defining Evil

59:31 Garry on Crypto

1:03:00 Leadership

1:08:50 Biggest Threat to Freedom?

1:17:53 Crypto & Human Rights

1:21:01 Garry’s Human Rights Fight

1:29:15 Garry’s Advice

1:33:05 Closing & Disclaimers


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