195 - The Bull Case for $COIN | Michael Rinko & Jay

This is the first time we've covered a stock on Bankless. But this isn't just any stock...
Nov 3, 202300:41:17

Inside the episode

This is our first time ever covering a TradFi stock! However, Coinbase is a different beast…

Coinbase is a behemoth of a company, growing since May of 2012. CEO Brian Armstrong has been on Bankless a number of times.

Today, we’re bringing on two analysts–independent researcher Jay (0xJaypeg) and Delphi Digital analyst Michael Rinko

Today’s episode will not be a history lesson on Coinbase, if you’re looking for that, we’ll highly recommend checking out Coinbase’s documentary: COIN: A FOUNDER'S STORY

Today’s episode is all about $COIN the asset. Down from its ATH of $342/share in Nov. 2021 to $85 today—and with a current market cap of $17.8B— are you bullish $COIN? Why or why not?


0:00 Intro

4:30 The Business of Coinbase

8:40 Diversifying the Business

14:30 Analyzing Equities

17:20 Coinbase USDC

23:30 Yields and Interest Revenue

31:45 The Staking Business

37:00 The Take Rate

43:45 Growth of Staked ETH

48:20 Coinbase International

56:45 Derivatives Revenue and Regulation

1:06:00 Coinbase Bank and Custody

1:17:00 BASE

1:31:00 Ranking Coinbase’s Opportunities

1:35:00 Coinbase Assets

1:38:20 The Company Itself

1:48:00 Predicting $COIN

1:54:50 The Bear Case


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