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Doge Inspiration Kabosu Has Passed Away

The beloved face of the Doge meme has passed away at 18
David C David C May 24, 20241 min read
Doge Inspiration Kabosu Has Passed Away

Kabosu, the Shiba Inu who became an internet icon through the celebrated "Doge" meme, known for her kind and gentle demeanor, has passed away at 18 years old. She leaves behind a lasting legacy in internet and crypto culture.

The context

  • Adopted from a shelter in 2008 by Atsuko Sato, her iconic photo went on to become a ground-breaking global meme and the inspiration for Dogecoin.
  • Prior to her passing, Kabosu had suffered from cancer and acute cholangiohepatitis, a condition that inflames the liver and surrounding areas.

Bankless take:

Kabosu's death marks the passing of an icon, and millions of people around the world are mourning her accordingly.

As we bid farewell to this goodest of doges, her legacy reminds us of the power of memes in bringing people together and of the joy that can be shared like magic across the internet.

The place of the doge meme in the collective consciousness ensures she will remain with us in spirit forevermore. RIP sweet girl.

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