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Dissenting from China's Censorship with Jiajun Zeng | Layer Zero

Before coming to the U.S., Jiajung Zeng lived in China and worked as a Product Manager for TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance. Jiajung worked specifically on the content moderation team that was heavily censored by the Chinese government.
Aug 30, 202201:07:08

Inside the episode

Jiajung tells the story of how content moderation actually works in China. He shares the hoops these Chinese tech companies must go through to even operate as a business. And towards the end of the conversation, Jiajung shares the overall sentiment of the people of China on content moderation and what they do about it. Ultimately the conversation converges on the topic of Ethereum, decentralization, and crypto writ large in China.

This is a special Layer Zero as it shows a side of China many of us don’t typically get a chance to experience and it highlights the importance of crypto fundamentals.


0:00 Intro

4:15 Jiajung Zeng’s Background

5:38 ByteDance Explained

8:30 ByteDance Content Moderation

11:11 Political Content Moderation

16:00 Moderation Resource Consumption

20:49 Consequences of Mistakes

22:47 Who is at Risk?

25:47 China’s Content Moderation Army

27:53 AI’s Role

31:35 Uyghurs & China

41:16 Dialect Suppression

43:53 Sentiment of the Chinese People

46:55 The Pushback

50:55 The Positives of China

53:54 Sentiment of the Future of China

57:32 Jiajung’s Ethereum Familiarity

59:47 ByteDance & Ethereum

1:01:52 Chinese People’s Thoughts on Crypto

1:03:11 China’s Crypto Scene

1:04:28 Jiajun’s Message to the Bankless Nation


Jiajung Zeng

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