Did Ethereum Break? with Preston Van Loon & Terence Tsao

We brought on Preston Van Loon & Terence Tsao, two Ethereum Protocol Developers, to help us answer that question.
May 18, 202300:46:35107,511 views

Inside the episode

Did Ethereum break or what actually happened?


0:00 Intro

7:53 Did Ethereum Break?

8:22 What Happened?

14:50 Slot Visualization & Connectivity

20:30 Did Users Notice?

23:57 Why Was This Worrisome?

26:19 Preston & Terence's Emotional Response

35:55 Ethereum Resilience

39:30 Was This Good For Ethereum?

41:20 Solana vs. Ethereum Liveness

44:40 Closing & Disclaimers


Is Ethereum Breaking?

Preston Van Loon

Terence Tsao

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