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Crypto vs. The World | Jake Chervinsky & Amanda Tuminelli

Legal experts chime in on the biggest legal cases in crypto.
Apr 11, 202401:22:15

Inside the episode

While there is always a lot of activity on Crypto Legal Front, this particular moment in time feels especially active. Today on the show we have Jake Chervinsky and Amanda Tuminelli, two of crypto’s most impressive lawyers.

Every single court case, of which there are 5 different ones discussed in this episode today, brings new precedent and new clarity to the crypto space. The theme of this episode today might be… crypto bites back.


00:00:00 Start

00:02:58 Life as a Crypto lawyer

00:07:59 Coinbase Court Case

00:13:00 Are Airdrops Securities

00:17:14 Amanda's Take

00:20:01 Some Bad News

00:25:11 When Can We Expect Clarity?

00:27:50 Politics vs Policy

00:30:19 SEC vs ETH ETFs

00:34:34 ETH ETF Denial?

00:40:39 SEC Lying?

00:46:25 Leveraging Against Corruption

00:51:00 DeFi Education Fund vs SEC

00:59:39 Roman Storm

01:10:49 Can Courts Remain Impartial?

01:12:40 Elections Impact





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