Can We Fire Gary Gensler? with Rep. Warren Davidson

US Congressman Warren Davidson has some hot takes. Can we really fire Gary Gensler?
Jul 4, 2023

Inside the episode

Today's episode is with Representative Warren Davidson, an outspoken member of the U.S. Congress and an advocate for cryptocurrency.

In today's show, we cover:

1) Why is Rep. Warren Davidson trying to fire Gary Gensler?

2) What is the “SEC Stabilization Act?”

3) Is the U.S. losing ground to Europe, Japan, and Hong Kong? How can it catch up?

4) Does Congress care enough about crypto to do something about it? How can we change that?

As a reminder, Bankless is not a political podcast that divides on red/blue lines. We have no party affinity in the U.S. or any other nation. What we do care about is the values of decentralization, autonomy, and power to the people that underly this crypto technology. To the extent these values are political, so are we. But they don’t divide on party lines. We’ll continue to give voice to these values no matter what political party they come from.


0:00 Intro

5:25 #FireGaryGensler

10:36 Why Gary Hates Crypto

14:00 How Political Governance Works

23:20 Presidential Jurisdiction

25:45 SEC Stabilization Act

31:55 Does the U.S. Have Hope?

36:09 Closing & Disclaimers


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