Bull vs Bear: UNI

Bankless unpacks the future prospects of Uniswap's native token
563 563 Jack Inabinet Jack Inabinet Oct 26, 20235 min read
Bull vs Bear: UNI

Uniswap Labs's announcement that they would be rolling out a small transaction fee on their popular front-end dapp caused a ruckus on crypto Twitter this month with some holders of the UNI native token seeing the fee rollout as a betrayal of holders.

Still, others feel that Uniswap Labs is simply operating within the regulatory realities of the moment and that they shouldn't be raked over the coals for trying to monetize a startup that is largely responsible for the future success of the protocol.

In today's article, Bankless analysts Jack Inabinet and 563 dig into the bear and bull cases for the UNI token.

Agree or disagree? Take it to the comments!

Let's kick things off with the bull case...

🐂 Bull Case

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