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$BLUR AIRDROP with Blur's Founder, Pacman

In today's episode, David sits down with Pacman, the Founder of the NFT trading marketplace, Blur to talk about Blur's recent airdrop!
Feb 16, 202301:00:00

Inside the episode

Blur recently launched their $BLUR token and Pacman joins us to share the entire airdrop story, the different phases that went into it, and what's next for the fascinating OpenSea competitor.


0:00 Intro

3:27 Who is Pacman?

5:55 Why Blur?

7:15 Traders vs. Collectors

10:28 What Blur Built

15:00 $BLUR Token Story

26:50 Airdrop Phases

31:50 $BLUR Airdrop Details

35:10 Pacman's Reaction to the Drop

40:47 OpenSea vs. Blur

43:38 $BLUR Utility

45:13 Season Two

49:20 NFT Royalty Wars

55:30 Closing & Disclaimers




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