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Bitcoin's Rough Week
Published on Jan 19, 2024
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SEC Delays ETH ETF Call
  1. 🦅 SEC delays ETH ETF call. The SEC has punted making a call on Fidelity's ETH ETF until March. This comes as JPM gives less than a 50% chance of ETH ETF approval by May.
  2. 🧑‍⚖️ SEC versus Binance delayed. Binance's long-awaited trial is starting Monday after a snow-related delay. The DOJ-punished exchange wants the SEC lawsuit tossed.
  3. 🎣 Manta DDoS'd during token launch. Manta Network was plagued by a DDoS attack as it issued its MANTA token, bringing the network to a crawl.
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BTC's Rough Week

📊 Dip buyers be damned. The total crypto market cap (TOTAL) has sunk like a stone, erasing a quarter billion dollars in wealth amidst the 14% plunge that has followed the arrival of spot BTC ETFs. Can crypto markets rebound?

Prices as of 3pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $1.65T ↗ 1.9% ↘ 3.5%
BTC $41,905 ↗ 3.0% ↘ 4.4%
ETH $2,489 ↗ 2.6% ↘ 3.5%
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What is Celestia?
Bankless Author: William Peaster

$TIA has been one of the bull market's hottest opps, but what does the network actually do?

Celestia is a data availability (DA) blockchain created as an affordable and efficient hub for Layer 2 (L2) rollups to publish transaction data. Celestia helps projects launch their L2s by allowing rollup teams to sidestep needing to manage their own DA solutions and instead focus exclusively on their execution layer, where transactions occur. 

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Boom or Bust?

It's been a tough week for markets, but Ryan and David talk through the market opportunities they're watching in this latest rollup on the week's biggest stories.

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This Week's Yield Opps

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