Bitcoin ETFs: Bullish or Bearish? with Alex Thorn

The impact of the BTC ETF explained
Nov 1, 202301:12:35

Inside the episode

Alex Thorn is head of Research at Galaxy Digital, leading a team of researchers focused on unpacking the market developments in crypto, producing information for both internal and external audiences. Before Galaxy, Alex was Director of Blockchain Research at Fidelity, so he’s a veteran of straddling TradWorld and Crypto.

Today we talked to Alex about the bull vs. bear case for the BTC ETF.


0:00 Intro

7:25 Spot BTC Interests

9:15 Breaking Down Alex's Thread

18:20 Spot BTC Pipeline & Next Steps

28:00 Inflows Into Bitcoin ETF

30:00 Predicting How Investors Will Invest

32:30 BTC Price Impact

42:20 Estimated BTC Price Prediction

46:15 Predicting Timeline

49:40 BTC ETF Marketing

52:00 The Bear Case for BTC ETF

1:02:30 Marijuana Analogy

1:04:30 ETH ETF Argument

1:09:50 Galaxy Brains

1:11:30 Closing & Disclaimers



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