Bankless Apparel Season 0...launch! 🚀

Season 0 is starting off with a BANG and goes live in 1 hour!
David Hoffman David Hoffman Oct 28, 20203 min read

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Last updated: Feb 28th, 2021 with Uniswap Exchange info.

Dear Bankless Nation,

Bankless Apparel is here.

Season 0 goes live when this post is 1 hour old.

We’ve created a way for you to wear Ethereum. This is gonna be fun.

- David

p.s. if ultra legendary scarce swag isn’t your thing—don’t worry we’ll be launching a regular Bankless merch shop soon—stay tuned. 🏴

Bankless Apparel Campaign, Season 0 🚀

We are kicking off the first Season of Bankless Apparel from a design that I frequently use in my articles.

I often speak of Ethereum as a physical landscape; a 3-D place where the DeFi structure lives and grows.

Season 0 offers this metaphor in a glorious, all over print tee-shirt!

“ETHSCAPE” Season 0 shirt

Each ETHSCAPE shirt is sold as a scarce redeemable token called a “BAP”. The ETHSCAPE shirt is a BAP0 token.

SOTN to see Ryan & David Explain $BAPs

We just released episode 8 of SOTN—all about the magic YFI token….

📺 Watch State of the Nation #8: PUMPED - w/ $BAPS


BAP0 Sale

There will be Fourty-Eight (48) BAP0 (updated token contract) of 50 BAP0s available on Balancer. This makes makes Ethscape a Legendary class apparel item.

No more than 50 will ever exist.

BAP0 Stats:

  • Total Supply: 50 BAP0s (see updated token contract)
  • Pre-issuance: 2 BAP0s (David + Ryans BAP0)
  • Liquidity Market: Previous: Balancer Smart Pool. CURRENT: Uniswap
  • Supplied: 4000 DAI / 34 BAP0 (16 purchased in initial Uniswap market, before migration to Balancer)
  • Tier: Legendary
  • Balancer Etherscan: BAP0-Balancer
  • Uniswap Etherscan: BAP0 Uniswap

Sale Period

  • Start Weights
    DAI - 10%
    BAP0 - 90%
  • End Weights
    DAI - 90%
    BAP0 - 10%
  • Change Weight Period
    October 24th - November 25th

Once the Change Weight Period is over, on Monday, November 30th, all remaining liquidity will be migrated BACK to Uniswap, and the price will be set at the price that the Balancer sale ends at.

This migration occurred on November 30th. BAP0 price ended @ $350.

5.2 BAP0s were supplied to Uniswap with 3.07 ETH as liquidity.

Uniswap link:


We have migrated the BAP0 token for compatibility with the Balancer Pool. Please ensure you are purchasing the official BAP0 token found at this address.

As of publishing on October 28th there are 34 remaining tokens on Balancer!

How to Buy

After liquidity has been provided you can buy BAP0s on Uniswap. You’ll need to add the BAP0 contract address to access it in the normal Balancer front end.

The Redemption

1 BAP0 is redeemable for 1 Ethscape shirt

In order to redeem 1 shirt, you must purchase a BAP0 from Balancer or Uniswap, and BURN it. You can burn the BAP0 by sending it to the genesis address of Ethereum:


Some wallets do not let you send it to the genesis address. Replacing the last 0 with a 1 also works:


Sending to the Parity Multisig address also works 😈

Email this transaction to [email protected], along with your shipping address and shirt size and we will coordinate the delivery of your Season 0 shirt! We’ll ask for additional confirmation transaction in response to this email.

Stacking BAPs

If you want to be one of the 50 people with the Genesis Season BAP….

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