Arthur Hayes Says, “Get your Bitcoin, and Get Out!”

You might know Arthur Hayes as perhaps THE dominant financial creative writer in crypto. When Arthur Hayes drops an article, it commands the attention of basically everyone in the industry.
Mar 22, 202301:15:40

Inside the episode

And he’s done it again with his new piece, “Kaiseki,” which outlines one of the most chaotic and critical times in the macro and monetary landscape that we’ve seen, at least since 2008.

In today’s episode, Arthur walks us through his essay, why he believes Balaji’s $1M Bitcoin bet is wrong, how he’s navigating these tumultuous times, and so much more.


0:00 Intro

6:27 Arthur’s Recent, “Kaiseki” Essay

13:09 Bank Term Funding Program (BTFP)

18:08 Effect on the Banking Sector

24:30 Current State of the Banking Sector

30:44 Should We Support BTFP?

39:11  What’s Going to Happen to Crypto?

46:56 Sending Bitcoin to $1M

55:05 Effects on Expanding Variables

57:35 Who Takes the Loss?

1:00:00 Rampant Inflation Worldwide & Fiat

1:03:36 Swap Lines

1:06:07 Punchlines & Endgame

1:09:25 Everyone is a Speculator

1:10:49 What Will Arthur Hayes Do?

1:13:36 Closing & Disclaimers  


Arthur Hayes

Arthur’s Recent, “Kaiseki” Essay

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