Arbitrum's BOLD New Bet with Ed Felten & Raul Jordan

Ed Felten & Raul Jordan share all on Arbitrum's recently announced, "BOLD" release
Aug 9, 202301:07:1653,957 views

Inside the episode

What did the Arbitrum L2 just unlock with its BOLD release? What stage of L2 is Arbitrum in? What is next for decentralizing the Arbitrum stack? We brought on Ed Felten and Raul Jordan to help answer these questions and much more.

Ed Felten is a Co-Founder of OffChain Labs, the organization that created Arbiturm.

Raul Jordan is one of the Co-Founders of Prysmatic Labs, the Ethereum consensus client which not too long ago got acquired by Offchain Labs.


0:00 Intro

7:30 What is BOLD?

9:20 Are L2s Decentralized?

19:30 BOLD Timeline

23:40 What Does BOLD Solve?

27:15 How Does BOLD Work?

31:35 Why Use BOLD?

38:00 Shared Sequencing

42:30 Why Was BOLD Hard to Build?

48:50 Will BOLD Be Open-Source?

50:00 Are L2s Secure?

52:30 Staking $ARB

1:00:20 Arbitrum's New Tech

1:03:50 Ethereum's Overarching Roadmap

1:06:30 Closing & Disclaimers


BOLD, Permissionless Validation for Arbitrum Chains


Ed Felten


Raul Jordan


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