Arbitrum Nitro Launch with Steven Goldfeder & Harry Kalodner

On today's episode, we welcome back Steven Goldfeder and Harry Kalodner for their second appearance on Bankless. Both times for huge Arbitrum launches!
Sep 1, 202201:13:4140,589 views

Inside the episode

Today, Abritrum is launching Arbitrum Nitro, a 7x improvement to Ethereum's capacity. Hear all about it, Abritrum's potential forthcoming token(?!), Abritrum Oddessey, and of course, so much more.


0:00 Intro

6:55 Abritrum Nitro Launch Day

10:40 Reflecting on Arbitrum's Last Year

14:57 Abritrum's Rollup

16:57 The Arbitrum Odyssey

26:55 The Secret Sauce Behind Nitro

30:39 Any Trade-Offs Made?

32:18 Scale Restraints

37:38 What's Next?

47:28 Arbitrum Nova

52:53 Fractals

54:55 What Reddit is Building on Arbitrum Nova

1:01:23 zkRollups

1:04:17 The Abritrum App Layer

1:07:11 Abritrum's Hypothetical Ticker

1:09:38 Other Tech Checkboxes

1:11:34 Closing & Disclaimers


Harry Kalodner


Steven Goldfeder


Steven & Harry's First Appearance on Bankless


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