Alpha Leak | The Bull Case for Modular Blockchains

In this episode, David is joined by Co-Founder of Fuel Labs and Celestia, John Adler. Fuel is the fastest modular execution layer and Celestia is the first modular blockchain network.
Dec 8, 202201:03:23

Inside the episode

John and David explore how modular blockchains are shaping the future of the space, what Fuel is, why it’s different than other L2s on Ethereum, why John believes Fuel is the leading L2, and so much more.


0:00 Intro

3:56 John’s Background

5:30 Creating Optimistic Rollups

6:56 Fuel’s Design Choice

9:50 Defining a Rollup & Modular Execution Layers

18:00 More Modular L2s

18:53 Fuel Flexibility

20:36 Data Compression

21:24 Fuel VM

26:55 The Fastest

35:27 Reducing Waste & Speed

38:42 Fuel Origin & Roadmap

48:59 Fuel’s Growing Ecosystem

52:36 Where Are L2s Going?

1:00:50 Call to Action For Listeners


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