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#9 - Going Bankless w/ Maker & Mariano Conti

We chat with Mariano Conti about Dai, Maker, & his epic bankless journey
Apr 27, 2020

Inside the episode

Ryan & David talk with Mariano Conti about Dai, Maker, & his epic bankless journey. Learn how Maker can help you go bankless through this conversation with Mariano.


  • Mariano's life in midst of Argentina's capital controls

  • Why Mariano moved from Bitcoin to DAI and Ether

  • The components of Maker including:

    • DAI (stability)

    • Vault/CDP (credit)

    • Dai Savings Rate (interest)

    • Governance (MKR token)

  • Centralization risks of Maker

  • Is Maker the last say on decentralized stablecoins?

  • What's it going to take to see 1m people into DAI?

This is our first of three episodes in the "King Money Protocols Series" where we talk through the three most important DeFi protocols. Stay tuned for the next two episodes!

Before the episode begins we also talk about:

  • The Lendfme hack & what it implies
  • Insanity of negative oil prices!


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