7 - Radical Markets with Glen Weyl

Next-Generation Political Economies
Mar 31, 202200:44:38

Inside the episode

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Glen Weyl is the Founder of RadicalxChange, a ‘Social movement for next-generation political economies.’ Glen is also a Political Economist and Social Technologist the Microsoft office of the CTO.

As a thought leader in and outside the crypto space, Glen helped pioneer Quadratic Voting alongside Vitalik Buterin and Zoë Hitzig. With his work in these governance mechanisms, there is a strong bond between Glen’s ideas and Gitcoin’s implementation of those ideas through its 13 funding rounds so far.

In this episode, we explore how we can take these ideas further and iterate upon the progress we’ve made in public goods funding. Where is Quadratic Funding going? What about the Web3 ecosystem more broadly? Glen’s sober and lucid takes offer a grounded optimism about using the power of markets for the good of society.


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