5 Blast Projects Ready to Take Off

We dig into some potentially promising entrants in Blast's Big Bang competition.
David C David C Feb 13, 20243 min read
5 Blast Projects Ready to Take Off

The Blast L2 already has a fairly contentious aura surrounding it, but it's hard to argue with $1.5 billion in TVL.

Most critiques of the platform focus on its catering to some of crypto's worst ponzinomic tendencies. But as the L2 gears up for its much-hyped launch at the end of the month, attention has shifted to some of the projects being built for its developer-focused Big Bang competition. Blast has already attracted a host of projects looking to be the first to plant their flag in this controversial ecosystem.

Below, we dive into five projects building on Blast, each aiming to uniquely position themselves to take advantage of the ecosystem's capabilities. From established infrastructure layers aiming to streamline user experience to trading protocols seeking to redefine leverage, these projects signal that Blast may truly be an exciting new paradigm—no pun intended—for DeFi. 

Let’s take a look! 👇

🟧 Biconomy

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Biconomy, which helps teams leverage account abstraction and gasless transaction SDKs to level up their dapps, recently announced its entry into the Big Bang Competition. Biconomy helps dapps eliminate the friction of gas fees, something they suggest will greatly increase a dapp's usage and increase potential Blast incentives, as 50% of Blast airdrop rewards are reserved for devs.

Dapps that choose to cover user fees can earn on the funds they allocate to covering gas via Blast's native yield.

⚛️ Particle Trade

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Particle Trade has aims to become the Uniswap of leverage trading. It's an audacious goal, but they have some believers with backers, including Polychain Capital and Neon DAO, along with industry titan Arthur Hayes.

The platform’s novelty comes from its Leverage AMM (LAMM) protocol, designed to enable leverage trading for any token by allowing users to borrow directly from concentrated liquidity pools, such as those on Uniswap V3.

🔴 Thruster Finance

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Thruster Finance is aiming to be Blast’s central DEX and integrate the full token lifecycle into a single protocol. Thruster has two core products — automated market makers (AMM) and Thruster Launch

Thruster's AMM aims to make trading onchain as efficient as possible without tapping offchain order books. Meanwhile, Thruster Launch is a permissionless, open-source toolkit for technical and non-technical teams to fair launch tokens and DAOs.

Thruster will have "lite" and "pro" modes for users to choose from depending on their Degen level.

💨 $PUMP meme coin


Have a special place in your heart for meme coins? $PUMP token from Wassies, an exceedingly memeable NFT collection deeply intertwined with Crypto Twitter personalities, will launch on Blast.

The fractionalized “art token” takes pride in its intention to do a fair launch, taking a stand against the insider allocations that are commonplace for most meme coins. In anticipation of its launch on Thruster, a Meme Contest has begun with a prize pot of 5% of the total $PUMP supply.

🎮 Ultiverse

Website | Twitter

Backed by giants like Binance Labs and Sequoia, Ultiverse, a platform for AAA, crypto-native, AI-integrated (yes, quite the mouthful) social gaming has joined the Big Bang Competition.

Ultiverse intends to supercharge its platform’s economy by leveraging the yield native to Blast. The team has already launched a number of projects, which are all tied together by its Bodhi protocol. Their Blast announcement coincides with the introduction of their governance token.

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